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As leaders in health care education, our faculty and associates work as a team to advocate for the success of our students and elevate the care of our communities. Our commitment to continuous improvement — to questioning and analyzing all we do to find new and better ways to serve our students — drives us day in, and day out.


American Career College is dedicated to the belief that all students have the right to succeed and reach their full potential. To meet this challenge in postsecondary education, American Career College’s mission is to provide adult learners with the skills and technical knowledge needed for initial employment in entry-level positions.


Being a part of our growing team means moving at a fast pace in a dynamic environment. Our goal is to graduate students that exhibit professionalism, adaptability, global awareness, social responsibility, critical thinking, and who are strong communicators and collaborative team players. Likewise, these are qualities that we see reflected in our associates and faculty as we nurture a culture of doers, thinkers, and innovators.

As a Deliberately Developmental Organization (DDO) organization, we dedicate ourselves to the individual transformation and growth of our associates. We believe that by fueling personal advancement, we empower the progress of the entire organization. Nurturing a safe environment that encourages everyone to be their best, we build and sustain a collective learning community in which everyone excels.


  • Student-Centered


    Our organization puts students and their long-term success at the center of our values.

  • Learn + Grow = Thrive

    Learn + Grow = Thrive

    As a learning organization, we are committed to helping each member of our organizational community learn, and in so doing, get just a little better all the time.

  • Team Oriented

    Team Oriented

    Emphasizes team over the individual, realizing that the whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts.

  • Collegial


    Authority is equally vested in a number of colleagues, and that collegiality is reflected by a sense of camaraderie amongst those colleagues.

  • Transparent


    We are committed to ensuring visibility into the work and to the outcomes that each of us drive. We believe that practicing transparency illuminates process and highlights our commitment to shared success.

  • Consensus-Driven


    We believe that in the multitude of input, risk is diminished and quality decisions are more apt to be achieved, ultimately leading to improved outcomes.

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